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      SS1T1T material elevator


      SS1t/11 Construction lift is in accordance with the GB10052-10056-1996 "Building construction material hoist safety technical regulations and GJ88-92" gantry and derrick material hoist safety technical specifications "the latest research and development of new products, widely used in construction, industrial and mining enterprises multi-layer workshops, vertical transportation of materials and other construction. It has the advantages of simple structure, rapid installation and disassembly, safe, reliable and economical use, and high working efficiency.

      The body adopts interchangeable standard section structure, and is connected by high-strength bolts. The whole machine is erected, installed and disassembled by its own boom. The whole machine is lifted by an external winch. In order to ensure the safe operation of production, each hoist cage is equipped with safety anti-fall device and stop layer device and upper and lower level protection overload protection. According to user needs, automatic floor stop device, wireless video surveillance, wireless call device can also be configured.

      SS1T1T material elevator, detailed drawing





      SS1T1T material elevator, detail picture



      SS1T1T material elevator, product features

      1. It covers a small area of only 24 square meters.

      2. Smooth transmission, low vibration, and comfortable riding.

      3. The elevator can use the suspension rod on the cage to install or remove the guide rail frame on its own. The remaining parts can be easily installed and disassembled, and the components are also easy to replace.

      4. Lightweight structure, convenient for maintenance and disassembly.

      5. The cage roof adopts a new rainproof design, which is beautiful and practical.

      6. The electric control system circuit of the elevator is simple, easy to operate and maintain, and reliable

      SS1T1T material elevator,Usage and Maintenance

      1. Check every bolt fastener weekly for any looseness, and if there is looseness, tighten each bolt in a timely manner. Check if there is deformation in each steel structure and if there are cracks in the welds.

      2. Weekly inspection of the normal operation of various electrical systems, as well as the suction and connection of various AC contact points and wire joints

      3. Before each operation, check if there are any protrusions on the running channel of the cage to ensure that the safe distance of the cage is not less than 250mm

      4. Before each operation, check whether the guide wheel is loose and whether the gap with the guide rail is normal. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be adjusted in a timely manner.

      5. Check the lubrication condition of each part every week, add lubricating grease in a timely manner, and inspect the wear condition of the steel wire rope, and handle it according to the "Specification for Inspection and Scrapping of Steel Wire Ropes for Lifting and Reuse".

      6. Regularly check the winch for oil leakage.

      7. Regularly check the load-bearing condition of the hanging cage floor and replace and repair it in a timely manner.

      8. After each dismantling of the material elevator, a comprehensive inspection and maintenance should be carried out.

      9. After each new installation, it is necessary to check whether the action of the anti fall safety device is reliable (completed through the anti fall test)

      10. Clean and maintain the safety fall arrester with 30 # diesel every 15 days, and check if all fasteners are loose. Perform an empty rope test after maintenance. (For details of use and maintenance, please refer to the user manual of the anti fall safety device)

      11. Before each shift, check whether the lifting steel wire rope is disordered and whether the steel wire rope is worn or broken. Please update promptly if any


      12. Regularly check the oil level and connectors of the winch. The connectors are replaced every 3 months. (Please refer to the instructions for using the winch for details)

      SS1T1T material elevator, parameters


      SS1T 1T material elevator, field case


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