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      HZS50 concrete mixing station


      HZS50 concrete mixing station is a semi-automatic concrete mixing equipment consisting of feeding, batching, mixing, electro-pneumatic control and steel structure parts. It is a compulsory and efficient equipment, which can produce various kinds of concrete, such as plastic and hard concrete, with high production efficiency. It is widely used in large and medium-sized building construction, road and bridge engineering and precast factories producing concrete products, and is an ideal equipment for producing commercial concrete. The main machine of the mixing system adopts JS series double horizontal axis forced mixer, which has the advantages of good uniformity of mixing concrete, short mixing time, long service life of wearing parts and convenient operation and maintenance. It adopts new design ideas of electronic weighing, microcomputer control, digital display and other control technologies, and the electronic weighing is equipped with buffer device and automatic compensation function, with high measurement accuracy. The sand and gravel feeding system adopts flat belt or herringbone belt and is equipped with maintenance walkway, which is an ideal choice for the construction units to produce high-quality concrete.

      HZS 50  Part Detail Diagram

      Performance advantage

      1. Quick installation

      The installation method of HZS50 concrete mixing station is steel beam, and the main system takes only a few hours from unloading to installation, and the installation of other supporting facilities such as control room and batching station can be completed in two to four days, and it is ready to be put into production.

      2. Reasonable design

      The design of mixing platform, metering platform and lifting system platform of HZS50 concrete mixing station is very reasonable, which fully guarantees the demand of inspection and maintenance equipment. When the external protective layer needs to be installed, enough space for daily work can still be ensured.

      3. Less floor space

      HZS50 concrete mixing station uses belt or bucket to feed. The design of belt and hopper can efficiently load and dump aggregate and greatly reduce the occupied area of the site.

      4. Less investment and simple maintenance

      HZS50 concrete mixing station has the advantages of less capital, small occupied area, less equipment, simple equipment maintenance and safe and convenient equipment operation.


      On site case of HZS 50  concrete mixer


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